Paul Walker Death: Daughter Meadow Walker Happy After Getting Mother's Custody

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Paul Walker's death was a big set back to his daughter Meadow Walker. However, now it seems that the 15-year-old teen is moving on with her life. After being absent from social media for a long time, Meadow took to Twitter on Sunday July 6 and a posted a picture of herself in a bikini. In the picture Meadow could be seen smiling and in a peaceful state.

"Glad to be back," the teen captioned the photo

Paul Walker died in a car accident on Nov 30 in California. The "Fast and Furious 7" actor was a passenger in the car driven by his friend Rogar Rodas. The car hit the tree before bursting into flames.

Post Walker's death, Meadow was stuck in a custody battle between her mother and grandmother. However, she now she has moved in with her mother Rebecca Soteros, and is back in Hawaii.

Before Paul's death Meadow was living with him as that time Rebecca had taken to drinking.

It is now understood that Rebecca is undergoing treatment for alcoholism. Reportedly, Paul Walker wanted his mother Cheryl Walker to take care of daughter Meadow. Paul's mother fought for Meadow's custody for several months but lost in the end, further reported the Hollywoodlife.

Apparently, Meadow felt betrayed by her grandmother. During the custody battle Meadow felt that her future was in limbo and no one asked her what she wanted.

On April 30, Superior Court Commissioner David Cowan refused to dismiss the case after he came to know about the investigation regarding Rebecca's drinking troubles.

But now the good news is that Meadow is happy and back home with her mother.

Meanwhile, on late Paul Walker's film "Fast And Furious 7" front, it is being said that the film would be released in April 2015. Paul's brother Cody and Caleb have been roped in to play his body doubles as per the reports.

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