Paul Walker Car Crash and Death: Driver Roger Rodas’ Widow Files Lawsuit Against Porsche for Wrongful Death, Negligence, Product Liability

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"Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in a car crash after their Porsche Carrera GT crashed in Los Angeles. Now, the wife of Roger, who was driving the car, is suing Porsche stating the car had faulty mechanics that caused the accident.

Kristine Rodas filed the case against the sports car company alleging the Porsche Carrera GT had a defective part in the suspension which was the reason behind the crash. According to TMZ, in the lawsuit, Kristine mentioned that Roger tried his best to keep the car on the road, however lost control and crashed into a light pole.

The documents were filed in L.A. County Superior Court. Kristine, in the documents, accused the sports car company that the car exploded as soon as it hit the pole. She claimed that the ill-fated Porsche Carrera GT did not have a proper racing fuel cell and crash cage.

TMZ mentioned in the post that the document submitted by Roger's wife stated that fuel cell prevents fuel from igniting upon crash and it is often found in race cars like Carrera GT.

The wife also accused Porsche that the company did not warn customers of different dangerous crashes that happened in the car.

TMZ revealed that Kristine sued Porsche for wrongful death, product liability and negligence. She hired the services of Hollywood lawyer Mark Geragos.

However, the problem revealed by the Web site was that Kristine did not mention that Roger was speeding. As a matter of fact, she noted that he was only driving at 55 mph.

In March, CHP announced the investigation results and revealed that the car was between 80 and 93 mph.

Now, it has to be seen how Kristine vs. Porsche case turns out to be.

Stay tuned for more updates on this case. 

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