Paul Baier Offered His 14-Year-Old Daughter a $200 Contract to Deactivate Her Facebook Account


Responsible parenting stories are truly inspiring. Take the example of a father named Paul Baier who offered his 14-year-old daughter, Rachel, a $200 worth of contract to deactivate her "Facebook" account.

The disciplinary action may appeal as a bribe to some people but Paul Baier's contract has a purpose. Nowadays, most children and teenagers spend more time in front of a computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone surfing the internet.

On Monday, Rachel Baier of Wellesley, Massachusetts already signed the contract. The father-and-daughter Facebook Deactivation Agreement reads: "I Rachel Baier agree to deactivate my Facebook Account from 2/4/13 to 6/26/13. In return, my dad, Paul Baier, agrees to pay me $50 on 4/15/13 and $150 on 6/26/13. He/she will have access to my Facebook to change the password and to deactivate the account. This will prevent me from re-activating the account in the future. I plan to use the money for the following purposes: stuff." 

Meanwhile, this story provides a surprising twist. Paul Baier revealed on his Twitter account that the idea of deactivating the Facebook account actually came from his daughter. "Facebook deactivation agreement with my 14 y/o daughter (for 5 months). Her idea," the father wrote on his Twitter account @PaulBaier.

Paul Baier further revealed that the timing of the contract was perfect because his daughter needs money due to the disappointment of not finding any babysitting jobs. "She mostly wanted and needed the money as she has been frustrated by not finding babysitting jobs. She is an honor student but she says Facebook can be distracting," Baier shared.

The loving father thinks it is a good thing for Rachel to avoid getting addicted to the social networking site. "I've realized that she is part of generation of kids that has grown up on Facebook. She's been on it for two years full time. This is two years of 24/7 teen discussion of friends, clothes, parties, etc. They can't get away from it. I'm proud she recognized the benefit of a hiatus. She plans to go on using it after the contract end," Baier stated.

Another example of responsible parenting is the inspiring story reported in January involving a mother named Janell Hoffman who gave an Apple iPhone Christmas gift attached with a contract to her 13-year-old son Greg. Hopefully, parents like Janell and Paul will inspire the other parents do the necessary actions to discipline their children when it comes to internet or technology addiction.

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