Patriots, Cardinals Secretly Talking on Larry Fitzgerald Trade: NFL News & Update

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The New England Patriots are reportedly working on a trade that would give them Pro-Bowl and All-Pro wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, a source close to situation reported this week.

The Patriots are looking to revamp their roster after failing to book their spot in the Super Bowl this season. Pats' quarterback Tom Brady has been throwing a lot of his passes to his tight ends for the past three years, and the departure of Wes Welker certainly decreased his potent targets for 2014.

According to latest trade rumours, the Patriots are interested to get Fitzgerald via trade. Fitzgerald has been one of the most consistent wide receivers in the NFL, and his arrival in Foxborough would certainly help the Pats become a Super Bowl contender for next season.  

Despite the Arizona Cardinals' denial in trade negotiation involving their premier wideout, many NFL writers are convinced this trade would eventually happen if the Pats will place attracting assets on the table.  

"The New England Patriots need help at wide receiver and that will remain a focus heading into this offseason. Their need for targets prompted a report on Tuesday stating that the Patriots thought that they would be able to secure Larry Fitzgerald in a trade with the Cardinals last offseason, but those reports were refuted on Wednesday," reported Sports Illustrated Fan Sided.

According to reliable league source, the Pats indeed engaged in some talks with the Cardinals regarding the availability of Fitzgerald, though discussions remain in-house for now.

"It's certainly conceivable the Patriots have had internal discussions about Fitzgerald, but any potential interest has remained in-house. The Patriots have never entered any real negotiations with the Cardinals for Fitzgerald -- this year, last year, any year -- according to a source," said Boston Herald.

Sports Illustrated Fan Sided reporter Josh Hill believes the trade for Fitzgerald really makes sense, though the franchise has failed to handle their plans behind closed doors.

"This makes sense, since had a marquee team like the Patriots inquired about trading for a high profile player like Fitzgerald, word would have gotten out almost immediately. The fact that we're hearing about this a year after that goes to show just how far any sort of talks went," said Sports Illustrated.

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