Patrick Carney Enrages Justin Bieber and His Fans on ‘Twitter’ [PHOTOS]


Patrick Carney has not only enraged Justin Bieber on the social networking site "Twitter" but the fans of the Canadian teen singer as well. "The Black Keys" drummer used Justin Bieber's name and photograph as profile picture for his Twitter account @patrickcarney.

The social media feud between the two music artists began when Patrick Carney claimed that Justin Bieber is not worthy to receive a Grammy nomination. At the 2013 Grammy Awards show, "The Black Keys" received three awards for "Best Rock Performance," "Best Rock Song" and "Best Rock Album."

"He's rich, right? Grammy's are for music, not for money. He's making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess," Carney stated. The 18-year-old pop superstar posted a response using his Twitter account @justinbieber. "The black keys drummer should be slapped around haha," Bieber wrote.

According to TMZ, Patrick Carney changed his Twitter profile picture and name to Justin Bieber as another form of mockery. The 32-year-old drummer even wrote the caption "Official Twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buddy" on his updated profile.

What Patrick Carney did obviously enraged the Justin Bieber fans called the "Beliebers." They immediately posted harsh comments directed to "The Black Keys" drummer on "Twitter."

For instance, "Twitter" username @RoxanaBieberV wrote: @patrickcarney you're so ugly you scare yourself, put a photo of bieber to feel beautiful, abortion monkey hahaha ugly."

Though Patrick Carney received numerous unforgiving comments from the upset Justin Bieber fans, he appears to be having fun with the social media frenzy that he created.

As for Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer is not paying attention to Patrick Carney's Twitter mockery due to his current tour schedule in Europe. Justin Bieber may still be busy to react with Patrick Carney's attack or he decided to just keep mum about it to avoid more controversy.

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