'Party Down South' Season 2 Rumours: New Cast Will Replace Boycotting Old Cast Who Seek $7,000 More Per Episode?


CMT's latest hit reality show "Party Down South" could possibly put its anticipated second season on hold as the fight between the producers and cast over their pay continues. TMZ reports that the eight southern youngsters who got together in a Mullers Inlet, S. C. home to celebrate during season 1 are threatening to boycott the show if the producers do not agree to a hefty paycheck increase.

"Party Down South" is produced by the ones who produced MTV's hit "Jersey Show" as well. The new reality show casts eight young Southern adults living in a vacation home that's continuously filmed and though it still has not reached the same high ratings as Jersey Shore did, the network already announced that it was one of their best rated series in history.

"Party Down South" stars 28-year-old Lyle Boudreaux from Lafayette, 31-year-old Josh Murray from Louise, Miss., 26-year-old Walt Windham from Frankfort, Ky., 33-year-old Ryan "Daddy" Richards from Orange Beach, Ala., 23-year-old Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright from Rockingham, N.C., 24-year-old Mattie Breaux from Gheens, La. And 25-year-old Tiffany Heinen from Eunice, La.

The show's representatives reportedly said the wage battle was over as the cast had agreed to work on the second season for a rate not much higher than the $500 per episode they each received in the first season but an attorney for the cast has just written to CMT and 495 productions, complaining that the original contracts were unfair and that the cast refuse to resume production on the second season until they get a salary increase.

According to reports, the cast is now seeking an additional $7,000 each for every episode but the network is adamant not to agree to it. The producers are allegedly threatening to terminate the cast and their contracts and simply find new participants for the show's second season if they still won't head back to work. "It would be a shame for them to just walk away from their big break," a source said. "Fortunately for the fans, there are a lot of kids in the south."

"Party Down South" season finale is on March 20, 10:00 P.M. on CMT and for now, viewers would have to wait for updates on the show's potential second season.

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