Paris is Recovering, Grandma Katherine Jackson Opens Up About Michael's Parenting [PHOTOS]

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Nearly three months after late Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital following her suicide attempt, the teenager is on the path to recovery, according to her grandmother.

"She is in a good place, getting the help she needs," Katherine Jackson, the mother of pop star Michael Jackson confirmed in an interview to Hello! Magazine.

"She is doing much better. The treatment is going good, really good," the octogenarian said about the 15-year-old grand-daughter who is currently residing at a private therapeutic boarding school in Utah since Mid-July.

Katherine was the first one to allow Paris, along with her siblings Prince and Blanket, to go out in public without wearing a mask which was mandatory for them during the time their father was alive.

"They were sheltered a lot when Michael raised them," Katherine reveals adding that she wants the children to lead more normal lives now and admitting that Michael "had good reason" for his decision.

"I had thought about it and I said, 'I am not going to raise them like that (wearing masks).'" The children lived very protected and sheltered lives during the pop star's reign and that is probably the reason why Paris is still not able to come out of the shock of her father's untimely death.

It has been a hard journey for the entire Jackson clan including Katherine, especially when Paris slit her wrists and attempted suicide.

"The night Michael died Paris was crying and said 'I want to go and see Daddy, I don't want to be without him,'" she said.

 "She's my baby. It's hard for me, really hard. All I wanted these kids to be is happy," the doting grandmother added.

Since Michael's death in June 2009, the 83-year-old Katherine was given custody of the three children of the pop star and had played a significant role in shaping their lives ever since.  She tries to spend time with them but she cannot be blamed if the children who are from a "different generation" spend more time on their phones now.

"I don't understand the whole social media thing. They are always on their phones," the grandmother says.

Paris can now be seen coming back to reality and posting happy pictures of her with her friends on the social media platform Instagram. [See Pictures]

However Katherine misses her son the great pop star Michael Jackson a lot and says there is not a single day that she does not think about Michael whom she called "a very good father" and "a good son."

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