Paris Hilton - Justin Bieber Cannes Love Story Ends, Paris Found Bieber's Choice in Songs 'Lame'

Drake vs. Justin Bieber
Canadian singer Justin Bieber performs during a concert at Palau Sant Jordi stadium in Barcelona in this March 16, 2013 file photo. Bieber has been accused of attempted robbery, a Los Angeles Police Department official said on May 13, 2014, following media reports that he had tried to snatch a young woman's mobile telephone. REUTERS/Albert Gea/Files

Paris Hilton is officially too old for Justin Bieber, it has been revealed. The 33-year-old socialite hooked up with 20-year-old Canadian crooner at the Cannes Film Festival some time back and Paris even went to Justin's place after that but her attraction faded out soon. Paris left Bieber's rented mansion just after half an hour, is reporting. So what was the reason? The Web site is reporting that Bieber played his own songs all the time while Paris was at his place and it was apparently too much for the blonde beauty to tolerate!

Paris is not a "Belieber" after all and could not tolerate his songs playing continuously at a stretch. "She said the party was really lame and couldn't stand the fact that Justin was playing his own songs... so she left after half an hour," a source close to Justin and Paris told

However, before coming to this conclusion, Justin and Paris had a good time with each other at Gotha nightclub in Cannes on Sunday night where Paris also gave a little lap dance to Justin and his friends, while sucking a lollypop.

"Paris had a private table above the DJ setup at the nightclub and was clearly loving being out and being the centre of attention. She was trying to dance sexily and looked really up for a party," a source close to Paris told the Web site.

However, the socialite became really annoyed when the onlookers at the club started filming her lap dance and taking pictures of her. This really irked her and she started yelling at the onlookers saying that she was being filmed by the rival club guys.

"She was yelling, 'I can't be filmed by a rival club - I'm being paid a lot of money to appear in another club!'" the Web site reports citing a source.

Paris was soon calmed by her people and brought to the table after which she started "dancing, sucking on a lollipop and flirting with Justin again," added the Web site.

Nevertheless Justin Bieber has been the centre of attraction at Cannes. The "Baby" singer was also approached by "American Hustle" actress Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes who attended his Cannes bash,  is reporting.

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