Paranormal Sighting: Alien, Supernatural, or Illusion? Strange Image Filmed by Infrared Camera

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Do aliens walk among us? Perhaps such a question is only relevant to those who subscribe to the existence of paranormal beings (and to those who are on the fence). Every now and then, there are paranormal "proofs" being disproved. And there are those that linger to the curious mind.

Watch the video below to see where you might categorize this alleged alien sighting.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by user StephenHannardADGUK (Alien Disclosure Group UK).

The video description says:

"Very creepy image of an unknown creature captured on a deer/trail cam in Northwest PA, possibly Kinzua/Allegany National Forest. Creature seems to be sitting down and laughing or maybe trying to communicate with the deer, who knows! What is it, an Alien, Zombie or something else. Thanks to Peter Duffy for sharing the image. Backing track segment credit to Dolomedes Threatening."

VIDEO CLIP: Very Strange-Looking Image - 'Alien, Zombie, or Something Else?'

YouTube Title: "Scary Alien, Hybrid Caught On Deer Cam 2012 HD"

The video is supposedly a scrutiny of a still image grabbed from a forest video. Videos for nighttime filming typically have infrared-enabled, so the camera captures images not visible to the naked eye.

This image is from a YouTube clip called "Scary Alien, Hybrid Caught On Deer Cam 2012 HD"

Some viewers couldn't help but wonder: Was the image photoshopped?

Some of those who have seen the clip on YouTube left the following comments:

i really believe aliens exist somewhere, i think it would be silly 2 assume otherwise based on the size of the universe bt i thnk this vid is fake its obviously been photoshopped - g mc

nice photoshop - Mary Brown

UFOlogist Scott Waring said this November 2012 clip reminded him of a similar type of sighting filmed in December 2010. (Watch it here.)

The outline of a man is easy to make out of the smoky image upon initial inspection. But does this mean a paranormal sighting has indeed been recorded?

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