Papua New Guinea Teenage Rape Victim Gets Even, Beheads Own Father

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A Papua New Guinea father of four has been beheaded by his own daughter whom he had allegedly raped. However, members of the local community have sworn to protect the 18-year-old woman at all costs, claiming her father deserved to die after all.

After chopping clean her father's head off from the rest of his body, the Papua New Guinea girl immediately reported the incident to her community elders.

Papua New Guinea Teenage Rape Victim Gets Even, Beheads Own Father

"The people and leaders in our area went and saw the headless body of the father after the girl reported the incident to them and explained why she had killed her father," Pastor Lucas Kumi, a local church leader from the village of Rang in the Western Highlands of PNG, was quoted by the Post Courier.

"We've all agreed that she is free to stay in the community because the father deserved to die."

"The daughter did what she did because of the trauma and the evil actions of her father, so that is why we have all agreed that she remains in the community."

On Tuesday, when his wife and other children left their home to visit relatives, the father raped his own teenage daughter repeatedly in the night. On Wednesday morning, when it seemed to her he would want to rape her again, the Papua New Guinea daughter no longer had second thoughts and chopped off the head of her father using a Tramontia bush knife.

Apart from the ring of protection the community had given the teenage girl, they likewise agreed not to give the Papua New Guinea girl's father a proper burial because of his alleged crime.

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