Pacquiao’s Mommy Dionisia Now an Instant Celebrity, Bradley’s ‘Voodoo Hex’ Worked Like a Charm?

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After his epic Las Vegas victory over Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley on Sunday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's Mommy Dionisia became an instant celebrity.

Known as the boxer's lucky charm, according to some reports, the stylish Mommy Dionisia put a "voodoo hex" on Bradley making it the reason her son reclaimed the welterweight belt once again.

Who could ever forget Pacquiao's highly disputed loss to Bradley in 2012? The recent match between the two most-acclaimed athletes was a big one for both of them. But once again Pacquiao proved to the world that he still the reigning king of the ring.  

Thanks to HBO, the fight's short clip on Mommy D's praying for Manny's victory managed to take over the net and allegedly uttering a voodoo spell. The clip featured the Philippine congressman's mother saying a prayer while holding a rosary and clutching on what appeared to be a small picture of the Baby Jesus known in the Philippines as Sto. Niño.

The social media made the short clip sensational and a joke that she was "casting a spell" on her son's opponent. But the mother was only uttering a prayer. Thanks to those precious seconds on HBO's pay-per-view telecast, the new Queen B is now an international sensation.

One photo of her was circulating on Twitter that showed Mommy "D" pointing two fingers at Bradley while the two boxers were trading punches on each other.

According to Philippine Inquirer, an international broadcast commentator said she was uttering a "curse" in Filipino and making matters worse she was seen embracing Bradley after his defeat as she reportedly lifting the curse from him.

Wearing a Filipina outfit, the animated 64-year-old proud mother was spotted jumping off her ringside seat when the victor was announced during the most anticipated fight of the year.

Speaking of the "curse," there is no "voodoo hex" involved but plainly a faith of a mother to his son and whole lot of prayer.

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