Pacquiao Snatches Bradley's WBO Welterweight Title And Undefeated Record, Filipino’s Camp Scrambles to Get a Bout With Mayweather

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Manny Pacquiao
Boxer Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines during a news conference in Las Vegas Reuters

Manny Pacquiao has successfully defeated Timothy Bradley in a very convincing manner, taking away the American boxer's World Boxing Organization (WBO) Welterweight title and was the only boxer to give Bradley his first defeat in his entire professional boxing career.

After Pacquiao's victory against Bradley, his camp has reportedly been "pushing for talks" to finally pursue his fight against Floyd Mayweather. Will Mayweather give Pacquiao a shot at his unbeaten record? That is, if Mayweather wins against Marcos Maidana on the upcoming clash on May 3?

According to, there is no point holding the megafight between Pacquiao and Mayweather. Although it would be difficult to identify how anyone from both camps will negotiate the biggest fight, a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout is once again on the table, the Web site further cited.

Pacquiao's Promoter Bob Arum has revealed they are currently anticipating the winner of the Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado fight, but also mantioned they would more than willing to postpone the talks if Mayweather is also willing to talk about it.

Mayweather has revealed that he is not going to do business with Arum anymore. Regardless, it clearly seems that Arum is open for discussions to make the fight happen.

"If they told me they'd sit down and wanted a serious meeting, then I'd delay til whenever," Arum said.

Even before Pacquiao faced Bradley, he had already called out on Mayweather and said he is still open to fight him. After his rematch with Bradley, he stood by with what he said and uttered that Mayweather can contact him anytime he wants.

"It's really hard to talk about that fight," Pacquiao said. "How many years have we talked about it and it hasn't happened," he added. "Like I said, my line remains open 24 hours, seven days a week."

Arum even urged boxing fans to boycott Mayweather's fight against Maidana on May 3 to make the Pacquiao fight happen.

"The only people who can make Floyd Mayweather fight Manny is the public," Arum stressed.

"If they boycott the nonsense on May 3, there's not a downside to sitting down and trying to make it happen."

"Any excuse for it not happening is just posturing," Arum noted.

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