Pacquiao-Bradley II: Bradley Slams Pacquiao and Says That the Filipino Fighter is No Longer the Fighter He Once Was

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Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao will face Tim Bradley on April 12 Reuters

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley faced each other before they clash in the ring at an HBO Sports special presentation "Face Off" with Max Kellerman on March 22. The two boxers, who are set to fight on April 12, sat across a table, and Bradley has so many things to say.

Pacquiao seemed self-sacrificing and noble when he answered Kellerman's questions. It was Bradley who looked angered all throughout the interview. The American boxer was looking at Pacquiao with the eye of the tiger, always looking him straight into his eyes. It looked like Bradley had more guts in him as opposed to the Filipino boxer's claim that the killer instinct in him is back.

Bradley still thinks that he won against Pacquiao when they first met after having reviewed the video of their fight. He said that he had won eight out of the 12 rounds. According to the unbeaten boxer, he won the fight because he managed to outbox Pacquiao. He said that Pacquiao was missing most of the punches he had thrown at him. Bradley couldn't care less of what other people think of him and the outcome of Pacquiao-Bradley I.

"They don't believe in me," said Bradley.

"They don't think that I am capable of doing it, I'm capable of doing anything that I want to do as long as I put my mind to it and I work hard for it, I'ma do whatever I want to do," he said when asked if he has to knock Pacquiao out to earn the victory.

Pacquiao seemed to concede that he had underestimated Bradley before. He said that he is determined to train hard. "Now, I have to get it back, the aggressiveness," said Pacquiao.

However, Bradley was quick to contest Pacquiao's claim and said that the only way for him to win is to knock him out. Otherwise, Pacquiao will just suffer yet another defeat from him. The eight-division Filipino world champion could only bow down and smile before answering back, "We'll see."

Bradley appeared confident that Pacquiao is no longer the fighter he once was. He made it clear that he has got nothing bad to say about Pacquaio. It's just that he thinks that Pacquiao is a different fighter now than the fighter he was before.

"That hunger that he's looking for, it's no longer there."

"He can't get it back, it's gone."

"I truly believe that."

Bradley revealed that he doesn't have the slightest idea who Pacquiao lost that hunger. "He's in a different place now, he's not the same, I'm telling you."

Pacquiao could only grin and nod implausibly before saying, "I pray for that, that God will give me that another, fire, I will pray for that."

You can watch the full video of HBO's Face Off featuring Pacquiao-Bradley II here.

Do you think Pacquiao's killer instinct is gone for good? Is it Bradley's time to shine now?

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