Oxytocin the 'Love' hormone : Heats Up Your Sex Life the Best

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A couple share a kiss in Independence Square in central Kiev, July 24, 2012.
A couple share a kiss in Independence Square in central Kiev, July 24, 2012. Reuters

Oxytocin is the magic hormone which is known to play a crucial role in relationship bonding, a previous work suggests.

According to an interesting finding, those who took Oxytocin before love making, especially if they were men, reported to have slightly more intense orgasms as well as greater levels of contentment afterwards.

"Our study demonstrates that Oxytocin may alter specific aspects of sexual experience and partner interactions in healthy couples," said researchers from Hannover Medical School in Germany.

Researches were conducted to find out whether higher levels of the hormone affect sexual behavior in the long run.

In the particular study, 29 healthy couples took part and they were asked to take either Oxytocin nasal spray or a placebo spray just before having sex in their home.

After sex, they jotted down their respective experiences about their sexual experience as well as their individual feeling toward their partner, in a form supplied by the researchers. It was observed that Oxytocin played no role on sex drive or arousal for either men or women, but it resulted in a more intense orgasm, especially for men.

Men who were on Oxytocin confirmed that they were more sexually satisfied than normal circumstances,

Some women also reported their increased ability to share sexual desires with their partners during sex.

The scientists believe that more research is required to know if it is possible in future to use this hormone to treat people with low sexual desire or those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

This work was published in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

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