OUYA Console First Look: Release Dates, Prices, and Early Reviews


The buzz about the OUYA began with its Kckstarter campaign last year to promote  the creation of a new Android-powered gaming console that's pretty much a cube that's smaller than a soda can. Now the device is slated for its launch less than two months away.

Officially, the OUYA console will be launched this March, particularly to those who have participated in the Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. The public, however, can expect to get their hands on the OUYA console this June.

Gizmodo reports that according to CEO Julie Uhrman, gamers can buy the OUYA at Best Buy, Target, and Gamestop, but it will also be available in Amazon or through the official OUYA website. Extra controller accessories can also be purchased in stores at $50.

With regard to the number of units that will be sold pre-public release, Uhrman says to Digital Trends. "We've had more than 63,000 backers, and more than 68,000 consoles on order today."

Developers' take on OUYA

Last year, OUYA closed its Kickstarter campaign with a whopping $8.5 million from 63,303 backers to fund the console and receive a unit before the actual release, reports Kotaku.

This year, OUYA has started to roll out sample units to Kickstarter investors, and many developers have taken to YouTube to say their thoughts on the OUYA.  PC Mag reports that developer CodeZombieGames has seen great potential in OUYA.

"I have actually used many Android TV top devices. Many of them cost from $60 to $200. Nearly all of these devices are disappointing when it comes to OpenGL performance," he said in one of his OUYA videos on YouTube. "The Ouya, on the other hand, is a Tegra 3 device, and is capable of actually playing 3D games."

What makes the OUYA experience inviting is its user-friendly interface. Though there is still no content for games or apps, it is understandable because there is time to fill this up until the actual release.

PC Mag reports that the final version of the OUYA will include TwitchTV, allow users access to OnLive streaming video, and an exclusive app and gaming store. Gizmag also adds that it is also expected to allow integration with other service like the XBM ad TuneIn Internet radio.

A game console without the games?

With less than four months before its public release, you'd think that the OUYA team's next marketing strategy would be announcing its games to entice the public. However, it seems that gaming promotions are-and should be-the last thing to commence.

According to TechCrunch, OUYA is expected to release Final Fantasy III as its flagship title game. Many gamers may laugh at the idea, considering how Final Fantasy III has been available in other gaming systems since before, stripping OUYA off the potential title of being a gaming breakthrough.

What makes it harder for OUYA to get its break is the fact that it is not backed by an established company, making it harder to sell good games that would generate the buzz  the console needs. But there is still time for OUYA to entice developers and fill their gaming stores before the console hits the stands.

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