Outsmart your office firewall; Facebook while at work

Slacking no more
By @ibtimesau on

Diesel, the maker of jeans for hot girls, has released an app that allows you to slack off at work without having your boss catch you on Facebook.  Diesel's new "Be Stupid at Work app" makes Facebook appear to be an Excel spreadsheet, which means you can update your status and read updates all you want without the guy who shares your cubicle or your boss noticing.  Download the app at http://www.bestupidatwork.com/

While it appears like an Excel spreadsheet, this does not bypass corporate firewalls.  By coupling this with some tunneling, VPN or anonymous proxy, you could probably outsmart management.

Facebook and other social media sites are usually flagged by filters created by the firewalls built by the employer.  Using a proxy, your true IP address will not be shown.  There are hundreds of web-based proxies available.  In addition, PortableApps.com and other sites have hundreds of available apps that are fully functional from a USB stick.

Facebook hit 687 million users worldwide at the start of June, increasing its total monthly audience by 1.7%, according to a new study by research and marketing group Inside Facebook.  CheckFacebook.com says that Australia currently has 10,368,720 Facebook users, comprising 1.52% of the global audience.  Facebook is the most popular social network site in most countries.

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