Outrageous $90,000 Big Mango Heist Solved

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The $90,000 Big Mango Heist had been solved Tuesday morning when the ten-tonne, three-storey high mango was found in the bushes behind the BOWEN Tourist Information Centre, right from where it was stolen, The Courier reports.

Much controversy surrounds the Big Mango's disappearance on Monday morning.

Whitsunday Mayor Jenny Whitney doubted Bowen Tourism, saying that the Big Mango Heist could be a publicity stunt.

What made the Big Mango heist all the more controversial and outrageous, was that it was seemingly impossible to steal the monument because of its size and being a public spot.

Bowen Tourism board chairman, Paul McLaughlin, clarified that they were not the ones responsible for the Big Mango Heist.

The Big Mango heist sparked social media hullabaloo nationwide. Pranksters ride on with the hilarity of it. One prankster even posted an ad on Gumtree, selling the mango for $5,000. Interested buyers were given option to trade it for the Big Banana from Coffs Harbour.

On Monday, an employee arrived at work to find out that the big mango monument was gone.

"I got a phone call from Christin Short, the tourism manager ... I thought she was joking to start off with, but she said 'no, I'm serious', so I've come out and sure enough the mango has disappeared," Mr McLaughlin said.

CCTV in the area revealed the thieves used big machineries to steal the big monument.

"It looks like it was sort of two o'clock this morning-type thing - there was ... some heavy equipment  and it looks like they've taken the mango, so we're just working through that now. I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever come across something like this - I'm sure it won't stay  gone forever. I don't know where it is but I'm sure at some stage in the future we'll start getting some phone calls," McLaughlin told ABC on Monday.

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