'Outlander' TV Series: Episode 1 Sassenach Recap [Spoilers]

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"Outlander" tells the story of a nurse, Claire Randall, serving the soldiers during World War 2. The premiere of the series begins with the last days of the war. Claire and her husband decide to go on a second honeymoon to Scotland. [Spoiler Alert]

The married couple has been apart for five years and they expect the trip to help them reconnect and learn about the people they have become after the war. Her husband loves history and explains the history of the city they are staying in and its surroundings to Claire. The history also gives the viewers some background information about the things to come.

Claire's husband, Frank Randall, is interested in his genealogy. His search has brought him to the ruin of a castle. He comes to find out that one of his ancestors is Jonathan Randall, who was a notorious captain in the British army in the 1740s.

The first hint of her time travel in "Outlander" episode 1 comes when a lady, Mrs. Graham, offers to tell Claire her future based on the tea leaves in her cup. Her husband also sees something strange. When he tries to confront a man staring at his wife through a window, the man seems to disappear.

The couple later sees a group of modern-day druids performing a ritual just before dawn. Claire returns to the place where the ritual is performed to collect a few flowers to study. She gets transported back in time after she touches one of the stone.

Transported back in time to the 1700s, Claire is the middle of a gun fight. The British soldiers chase her and she almost gets raped by Jonathan Randall, captain in the British army. She is saved by a Scottish warrior.

Claire's experience as an army nurse comes in handy while the Scottish warriors decide what to do with her. She helps a young man with a dislocated shoulder bone and later saves the group by pointing out an ambush site.

Her actions may have earned her the trust of some of the Scottish warriors. The group travel day and night to reach a castle. The same castle she and her husband had visited, before she travelled back in time. She has just begun to come to terms with the fact that she has, in fact, travelled back in time and she is now an "Outlander."

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