'Outlander' Episode 5 Spoilers [Watch Promo Video]

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Claire Randall faces new problems in "Outlander" episode 5, even though she is trying her best to help people. Doubts about her continue in the minds of some people, but she also builds stronger relationships with others. [Spoiler Alert]

After her unsuccessful attempt to escape castle Leoch, Clair will try her best to help the clansmen in "Outlander" episode 5. The promo video shows the MacKenzie clan is helping to raise funds to fight an unwinnable war against the British.

Claire is seen trying to warn some people about the disastrous consequences of going to war with the British. Her good-hearted attempts are only met with more suspicion. She is seen as a British spy by many people and has been told about it in the past.

Claire is being interrogated in almost every conversation with Geillis Duncan in the past few episodes. She has, so far, managed to keep her secret but is increasingly finding it difficult to talk about her past and her home town.

Her relationship with Jamie is getting stronger. He ventured to help Claire in "Outlander" episode 4, even though his help could have led to his death. One of the reasons for the hostility between Jamie and Dougal was revealed in the previous episode. Jamie has a chance of becoming the clan leader if he swears allegiance to Colum, a position Dougal wants for himself.

Claire is still determined to find a way to escape from Castle Leoch and find the magical stones that brought her to the 1740s. She once again got that opportunity when Dougal asked her to accompany him as he travels to collect money in Colum's place.

A group of British soldiers are seen riding in "Outlander" Episode 5 promo video (below). A small village is also seen burning. Jamie explains his determination to fight the British and Dougal confronts Claire again.

The events of "Outlander" episode 5 could set the stage for the eventual meeting of the infamous Jack Randall and Claire. Readers who have been following the series will remember that the captain in the British army tried to rape her in their very first encounter in episode 1.

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