‘Outlander’ Episode 4 'The Gathering' Spoilers [Watch Promo Video]

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The promo video of "Outlander" episode 3 has been released. Claire Randall finds herself even more a part of her new home in Castle Leoch. Will she be able to escape from Colum MacKenzie? She may have encountered a new enemy in the town, who may make life difficult for her. [Spoiler Alert]

Readers who have seen the previous episode of "Outlander" will remember that Claire Randall has become the most talked-about person in the town after she saved the life of a boy. Her efforts to gain the trust of the people are quickly making her an indispensible part of the society.

In the process of saving the boy's life, she has also enraged the local priest. The priest sees her as a rival. The power of the priest will diminish if she saves people using medicine when the priest has said that they are possessed by demons.

Claire Randall's interrogation still continues in "Outlander." Geillis Duncan wants to know more about Claire's background and her hometown. Claire realizes that there is a strong possibility of her being branded a witch, if anyone finds out the truth about her.

The promo video of "Outlander" episode 4 shows that Dougal wants to take Claire away and she has just one night to escape Castle Leoch. She is seen making a desperate attempt to escape and asks Jamie to help her.

But with her new position as the healer, the MacKenzie clan will not be letting her go so easily. Jamie is seen helping Claire in the promo video and members of the clan are also seen looking for her.

How far will Jamie go to help Claire? She was seen getting jealous when Jamie kisses another girl. In a brief glimpse in the promo video, Jamie is seen fighting someone who appears to be Dougal. Readers will remember him stepping in to help another girl on a previous episode of "Outlander."

Claire may have finally found the courage to escape after hearing the folk song in episode 3. The song spoke about someone traveling to a strange land after touching the magical stones and returning back to her home after touching the stone on a particular day. The song may have prompted her to look for the magic stones in "Outlander" episode 4.

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