‘Outlander’ Episode 2 Spoilers [Watch Preview]

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Claire Randall has reached the Castle Leoch and the producers posted a preview of things fans can expect to see in "Outlander" episode 2. The infamous Captain Jack is back and Claire will meet some important new characters.

Readers who have watched the first episode will remember Jack trying to rape Claire. She was saved by a group of Scottish warriors. Although she has helped the Scottish warriors by nursing their wounds and warning them about an ambush, she is still mistrusted.

Claire Randall is from the twentieth century but now that she realizes that she has in fact travelled back in time, she tries to fit in. But since she is English, she is suspected of being a spy in "Outlander" episode 2.

Captain Jack is seen talking about the darkness in his heart in the promo video. Both the sides, Scottish warriors and Captain Jack, suspect that Claire has some secrets that she is trying to hide. Caught between the two groups she has nowhere to go.

There is only one place where Claire can escape to and that is back to the twentieth century. Readers who have watched the first episode will remember that she was transported back in time by touching a stone where the druids performed a ritual. Claire will try to escape the Scottish warriors and find the stones.

The important new characters that Claire will meet in "Outlander" episode 2 include Colum MacKenzie -- played by Gary Lewis, Geillis Duncan -- played by Lotte Verbeek and Laoghaire Mackenzie -- played by Nell Hudson.

Colum is seen telling Claire that she is his guest in the castle, which she correctly interprets as being a prisoner. Colum is the clan leader and elder brother to Dougal. Readers who have seen the first episode of "Outlander" will remember Dougal is the leader of the Scottish warriors who brought her to the castle.

Will Claire trust someone enough to confess the truth about where she is really from? Will she resign herself to her new fate? The adventure continues in "Outlander" episode 2. The TV series is based on the book written by Diana Gabaldon.

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