‘Outlander’ Episode 2 Recap: Claire Lies About Her Husband To Jamie

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Claire is developing a deep friendship with Jamie Frazer in "Outlander" episode 2. She is a twentieth century nurse who has travelled back in time to eighteenth century Scotland. She is accepted as a guest by Colum MacKenzie at Castle Leoch.

Claire can still not share her true identity with anyone. She gets emotional thinking about her husband while nursing the wounds of Jamie. She tells him that her husband is dead and he comforts her. The two almost share their first kiss but Claire pulls away at the last moment.

The background story of Jamie was revealed in "Outlander" episode 2. He has a price on his head for a murder he did not commit and has seen the brutality of Captain Jack Randall. He shares with Claire the incident where he was flogged for trying to save his sister from being raped by the British soldiers. Readers will remember that Jack Randall is the ancestor of Claire's husband. The infamous captain had tried to rape Claire in the first episode.

Claire is helped by a kind woman called Mrs. Fitzgibbons in the Castle. The old lady helps Claire with her new dress, brings her food and gives her chores to help pass the time. Colum promises Claire that she will be allowed to leave the castle in five days.

Most people still suspect Claire to be an English spy in "Outlander." Dougal has her watched at all times. Colum continues to interrogate her in a friendly chat over dinner, even after promising to allow her to go.

Colum is the leader of the clan and people come before him in the hall to seek justice. Jamie shows his kind heart by stepping in to take the punishment for a young girl. Claire suspects that there is something amiss when Jamie's uncle, Dougal, has him punched much longer than anticipated as punishment. He had earlier ordered him to tend to horses at the stable.

Being a nurse may have come in handy for Claire, but in "Outlander" episode 2 it may have made her a permanent captive at the castle. Colum invites Claire to see the operation table of the previous healer just before she leaves. Towards the end of the show he orders her to take the vacant position of healer and remain his guest at the castle.

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