In and Out of Menopause: Wishes from Women over 50

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A woman’s body undergoes innumerable changes in every stage of life and plays an important role to define her identity.

In London, there was a conference named Women Starting Over where lives of women over 50s were discussed.

It is an extremely delicate time in every woman’s life. Either she has experienced menopause or is about to do so. They get surrounded by clouds of insecurity, uncertainties, not really knowing what is coming up next.

These women enter a space where neither they can call themselves young nor they can be regarded as properly old therefore suffering from identity crisis becomes obvious.

The problem is the increasing absence of traditional support networks of family and loyal friends as a result most women take help of the Web sites such as Mumsnet sister site, Gransnet, and Welldoing to deal this life-changing event.

The Lonely Society, a 2010 report by the Mental Health Foundation, suggests “that loneliness is on the increase and that older women in particular find themselves increasingly isolated.”

Three such therapists, Louise Rawlins, Anna Kingsley and Juliette Oakshett, to create awareness, organised an all-day event tackling life changes, internet safety and sensuality.

Sensitive issue like Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are on the rise amongst over women was also discussed in the conference.

Such efforts should truly be appreciated and encouraged as it would help more and more women to feel comfortable with their changing lives.

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