Oscars 2013: Where is Robert Pattinson, Why Not with Kristen Stewart at the Academy Awards? [PHOTOS]

Millions of Tween Fans Demand to Know where Robert Pattinson was when Kristen Stewart Limped her Way to The Oscars 2013


On the same day that Kristen Stewart was hobbling her way to the Oscars stage, her English beau was reported posing with fans Down Under.

To the chagrin of his millions of tween fans, the Twilight hunk has opted not to flew in from Australia to join his gorgeous girlfriend, Kristen for her public appearance at the 85th Academy Awards.

The "Yellow Handkerchief" star created an internet frenzy when she stepped out of her car and graced the red carpet with no Robert in her arms but a pair of gray crutches.

This had prompted critics and fans alike to ask "where on earth is Robert Pattinson" and "Why has he not escorted his gal at this year's very prestigious event?"

And the answer is here at this photo. The 26-year-old "Cosmopolis" star was spotted wearing a big smile while posing with a fan in the southern area of Australia.

The picture was later posted on Instagram by a fan only known as Louise Lynch.

A caption was written on the picture that said: ” Just a casual Monday sesh. #robertpattinson #lovedmyhair #mademeblush #tookhisorder #gavehimgarlicbread #wetight #bff #XXXX #luckygirl #luckyguy #sadhisgone #hadconnection #mustbelove #hastag #somuchtosay #robo #pattsy #therover.”

The fan who was later found out as a waitress Down Under tagged the location of her photo to theregion of South Australia.

This means that the actor never left Oz and continued working on his latest flick, "The Rover."

Robert flew to Australia in late January to shoot the drama film for seven weeks. This means that the Twi-hard fans will have to wait another week or two before their favorite actor is reunited with his gorgeous girlfriend.

Despite the distance, the two have reportedly been keeping the love alive and getting it stronger by every means possible.

The photo of Robert Pattinson with the fan somehow provided hints that Kristen was on his mind while the actress was hobbling her way to the red carpet and onto the stage at the 85th Academy Awards.

He was photographed wearing the same t-shirt, the Joy Division shirt, previously worn by Kristen. Kristen for her part has kept Robert close to her heart by dining with his best friend.

Check out the photo of Robert Pattinson with the fan here. START the SLIDESHOW to see the captivating moments shared by the Twilight lovers.

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