Oscars 2013 'We Saw Your Boobs' Song: Actresses Who Have Shown Their Twins in Movies [PHOTOS]


The Academy Awards 2013 opened up with a humorous show different from all others. Host Seth MacFarlane, starts the show by singing "We Saw Your Boobs."

The funny song was directed towards actresses who have shown their twins in movies, specifically in Oscar-nominated films. MacFarlane stood in the middle of the Dolby Theater for a brief opening and then revealed to the audience that for this year, Oscar 2013 has its theme song.

"We saw your boobs," Macfarlane sang.

William Shatner who was projected via the screen onstage said that the song would most likely offend "a lot of actresses in the audience."

One by one MacFarlane listed out the actresses who have shown their boobs in films. Starting from Naomi Watts in "Mulholland Drive," Anne Hathaway in "Brokeback Mountain," Charlize Theron in "Monster" and Kate Winslet in "whatever you're shooting right now."

Some of the actresses looked game but some like Naomi Watts gave out a frozen reaction when her name was brought up. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence gave an arm pump after MacFarlane belted out, "We haven't seen Jennifer Lawrence's boobs at all."

Charlize Theron who was due to perform with Channing Tatum after MacFarlane's song also didn't look so pleased. But who knows? They might just be acting to make it more believable. Well, it seems like all is forgiven in case after the award winning actress joyfully went onstage to join MacFarlane and Tatum for another opening performance.

See more of the actresses who were mentioned in the "We Saw Your Boobs" song for the 2013 Academy Awards.

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