Oscar Buzz 2013: Where to Watch Livestream, Online & Mobile Apps Plus More

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The 85th Oscar Academy Awards is set for this Sunday where the biggest movie stars own the night. Last day of voting is today at 5 p.m. and news has it Jennifer Lawrence is leading the pack. With the entire latest buzz for the grandest award show in Hollywood, here are all the apps and websites to visit to keep up on the Oscar action.

Sunday is the day fans get to see their bets hit the red carpet and hopefully win the iconic golden statue. Unlike Hollywood stars that can be in on the action by the minute, fans keep updated on the Oscar wins with livestreams and apps. While a lot of webloids have got the show covered, here's a list of apps available for fans to keep updated on the wins plus a list of livesteams where to watch the Oscars 2013.

Livestream List:

1.       The Associated Press, found here, provides the whole coverage of the 85th Academy Awards.

2.       Backstage Pass, found here, gives fans unparalleled access to all that happens at the Oscar Awards.

3.       Oscar Roadtrip, found here, gives all out access for the on goings at the event.

Livestreams may cover the whole event for those with internet access at home. However, for fans that need to be updated on the event through their mobile phones, there are apps to do that. The list is as follows.

Oscar App List:

1.       Oscars: Published by ABC Digital, this app comes absolutely free for the iOS and Android device. Read on the nominees, watch trailers, view photos and videos. The app also features an Oscars countdown perfect to keep in touch with the latest before Sunday arrives.

2.       Live from the Red Carpet: Published by E! Online, this app features top rated stories in print and video. It also showcases favourite celebrities in their fashionable outfits. The best part about this app is that it comes free for the Android and iOS device.

3.       Hollywood Reporter: The Race to the Oscars: made exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter features live coverage on the Sunday event. The app also comes with a Twitter feed to keep fans updated 24/7.

With only a few days left, these apps are the best bet to keep updated on the Oscar Buzz. As for who is winning, check out who is in the lead here.

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