Oscar 2013 Predictions: Bets for Best and Worst Dressed [PHOTOS]


Aside from the winners that will be decided on the Oscars 2013 night, most are also anticipating the fashion hits and misses on the red carpet.

Actors, actresses and famous personalities prepare to suit up for the coming 85th Academy Awards that will happen on Sunday night in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Pressure is on for the fashionistas and critiques are sure to keep an eye on everyone that will grace through the red carpet.

As early as now, there predictions on what the women will wear. Who among nominated actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts and so much more will swim or sink when it comes to their fashion choices? Well viewers will have to find out about it on Sunday night.

Year after year, there are those who have consistently impressed in the red carpet and those who have disappointed. While famous designers like Versace, Tom Ford, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and so much more prepare their gowns for these famous celebrities attending, the choice of gown is crucial.

It's not only the actors, actresses, directors that will win awards for the night but also those who will probably make it to every online news' annual fashion hit and miss for the coming Oscars 2013.

And while the most flattering gowns remain timeless in every fashion critic's mind. So are those who have disastrous arrivals. When it comes to the worst Oscars gown, Bjork's swan themed gown will always be included and so is Celine Dion's backward dress in 1999.

For this year, nobody has a concrete prediction on who will take a nosedive when it comes to Academy Awards fashion. Angelina Jolie might pull another disastrous leg pop. Anne Hathaway who pulled off several fashion hits might hit a miss this time. Eyes will be on Jennifer Lawrence and her fashion choice. 

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