‘Orphan Black’ Spoilers: When It Returns, Introduces A New Character, Season 2 Is A Real Treat

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"Orphan Black," BBC America's original series, returns for Season 2 on April 19 with 10 episodes.

The "Orphan Black" team has roped-in actress Michelle Forbes to portray the role of Marian Bowles, a Dyad agent. According to BBC America's blog, Bowles will be "keeping a bird's eyeview on the war between Sarah and Rachel."

The actress is tight-lipped about her role in the upcoming season.  In an interview with BBC America, Forbes said her character will be "Marion Bowles who has invested a lot in the clones. In their science. I'll leave it at that."

In addition to the introduction of Forbes as Bowles, Season 2 will also see the introduction of three more additional characters. Michiel Huisman will play the character of Cal Morrison, an intelligent man who claims to have sixth sense about people and his surroundings. Peter Outerbridge will play Henrik 'Hank' Johanssen, while Ari Millen will portray as Mark.

TV Line reported Peter's character is a "mercurial modern day cowboy." He will be heading a gang that has broken-off from the "Prolethean" brotherhood. Mark, a man with a cunning trait and dark edge, will be one of Johanssen's devoted followers.

"Orphan Black" Season 2 will open with Sarah frantically searching for her daughter Kira. The new season is expected to feature a season-long power struggle between Rachel and Sarah. The relationship between Sarah and Felix will go through some testing time, according to Graeme Manson, creator of "Orphan Black."

In the upcoming season, Sarah will also find more about her past. Manson has indicated the secret of Aynsley's death will consume Alison, while Cosima will be in a heart-breaking situation as she deals with signs of a mysterious illness.

 As previously reported, the new season will thematically tackle the issue of patenting human DNA.  On Wednesday, Zoé De Grand Maison said on Twitter: "Last day on set for season 2 of @OrphanBlack today... :( But gotta tell ya, #cloneclub you are in for a real treat this year. Get. READY."

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