Orphan Black Season 3 Update: Who Will be Returning from New Cast

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The Season 2 of "Orphan Black" wrapped-up with a big twist. The final moments of the episode added male clones to the story. Mark, the Prolethean, was unmasked as one of the male clones, part of Project Castor.  The second season also introduced Patrick J Adam as Jessie, the man Helena met in a bar, and Michiel Huisman was introduced as Cal, Sarah's ex-boyfriend and Kira's biological father.

It is to meet Jessie that Helena sneaked out of Sarah's place and was taken hostage by the men in the uniform. It is not confirmed whether Helena will somehow end up meeting Jessie in the upcoming season, as there is no word on Patrick's return in Season 3 to reprise his tow truck driver.

Michiel, however, is likely to return in Season 3.  But, it is to be seen if the actor finds the time to shoot for "Orphan Black." TV Line reports that Graeme Manson, executive producer of "Orphan Black," is "hoping to bring back another popular character -- clone romancer Cal." Speaking about one major obstacle, Manson said to TV Line that Michiel is "one busy actor."

The Season finale also introduced the little clone sister of Sarah, the only one who survived the future cloning experiments.  According to Manson, she will be very much appear in Season 3. He said to Entertainment Weekly, "Yeah, we'll see more of her [Charlotte]. Like Kira, Charlotte adds to the stakes. She's an innocent and she is apparently part of the reason that Marian Bowles is putting her neck on the line and throwing her lot in with Sarah and her clones."

Meanwhile, the Season 2 finale held back a lot of answers and added more questions to the list. The Season 3 will reveal whether the pencil in the eye really killed Rachel, or the pro-clone Clone is set to return to haunt Sarah and her clone sisters. It will also reveal whether Cosima manages to survive and sees another spring. The new season is expected to throw more light on the whole clone business and the male clones. Also, it is still a mystery why Paul's, who is involved with Project Castor, men abducted Helena and where they are taking her and to serve what purpose.

 "Orphan Black" will be back in 2015, with Season 3. 

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