‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 Episode 7: Synopsis and Preview of ‘Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things’ [VIDEO]

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The Episode 7 of "Orphan Black" Season 2 is titled "Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things." Rachel will be seen meeting her father and Mrs S will be meeting Dr Leekie, with something that he wants. Meanwhile, Alison will open up to Victor and will tell him that she killed Aynsley.

The synopsis of the episode suggests that Victor will not be a trustworthy confidante as he would threaten to expose Alison as a murderer of her friend. "A rehab confidante betrays Alison and threatens to expose the truth about Aynsley's death, which causes Alison to go into a free fall on the eve of Family Day. The clones gather to contain the fallout," according to the synopsis of the episode.

The preview clip provides a glimpse of Felix and Sarah seeing Victor hitting a table and falling dead. Also in the preview, there is an exchange between Cosima and Delphine, which may be related to Scot's discovery about an anomaly in the stem cells [not related to the clones, but likely to be that of Kira].     

The Episode 6 of "Orphan Black" Season 2, "To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings" provided some answers to the mystery surrounding Project LEDA but did not completely solve the mystery. Sarah finally met Ethan Duncan and got to know that it is Dr Leekie who had killed Ethan's wife, mother of Rachel. Ethan revealed that he has been hiding from Dr Leekie.

Meanwhile, Mrs S had a one to one talk with Paul, who has been following Sarah, and told him that Ethan is "the only person alive who can give Sarah, and her sisters, what they need." Also, she warned him that he will have to kill her to reach Sarah and kills Sarah and her to get to Ethan. Mrs S and Paul's talk also hinted that there is some Afghanistan secret that is making Paul work for Rachel and Dr Leekie. And, Helena went back to Prolethians' home, with Gracie and Mark after they told her about eggs and babies.   

The Episode 7 is expected to reveal more about LEDA. Also, Mrs S may disclose her real motive and what she is up to. It will be interesting to see what Helena does next, as she is no longer the drugged and injured Helena.  


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