‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers/Preview: Watch ‘Suits’ Mike Ross Make an Appearance [VIDEO]

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The Episode 6 of "Orphan Black" Season 2 is titled "To Hound Nature in its Wanderings." The episode features Patrick J Adams -- who plays Mike Ross in USA Networks' popular legal drama series "Suits." The preview of the episode suggests that he will find himself in a lot of trouble because of Helena's psycho violent act.

Adams is playing a "brave but a regular guy," according to TV Line. The character's name is Jesse and TV Line says that he "lands in a ton of trouble when Tatiana Maslany's multiple clone characters come into his life."

Jesse is likely to meet Helena while she and Sarah are on the so called road-trip to find the Swan Man and also more details about the origination of the clone experimentation.

Alison and Mrs S return in this episode. Alison is still in the rehab and the preview indicates that there is some trouble brewing for her. In the preview clip, Mrs S can be seen greeting Paul who is likely keeping a watch on Sarah's every move. Mrs S says, "Hello Paul."

In the previous episode, Dr Leekie and Sarah cut a deal. If Sarah finds out about Ethan Duncan, the Swan Man, and gives the information to Dr Leekie, he has to ensure that Felix is out of the prison. Later, Dr Leekie sends Paul, the new mentor of Rachel, after Sarah.

Mrs S had said to Sarah that she is on her side. It will be interesting to see if she is still on Sarah's side and how she deals with Paul.

Also in the upcoming episode, Cosima is likely to discover a big ray of hope, as she and Delphine are expected to make a discovery that can help treat Cosima's illness.


Official Synopsis of "Orphan Black" Season 2 Episode 6: "To Hound Nature in its Wanderings": "Sarah joins forces with an unlikely ally, when she follows a trail of clues that she hopes will lead her to the origins of the clone experiment. Meanwhile, Cosima and Delphine make a discovery that could prove to be the key to treating Cosima's illness."

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