Orlando Bloom's Ex Miranda Kerr Not Ready for Commitment and Reconciles with Family

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Miranda Kerr and Bobby Fox
Miranda Kerr and Bobby Fox Miranda Kerr via Facebook

Miranda Kerr flew to Sydney and finally made amends to her family and to clear the rumours.

According to Daily Mail, the Australian beauty clarified there was no feud or animosity between herself and her family. The model guested on a morning show announcing she had reconciled with her once-estranged parents. "I've seen my family as soon as I've arrived," she told Channel 7's Sunrise co-host David Koch and presenter Natalie Barr. "It's so good to spend time with them and to finally be back after a year and a half," she added.

Months ago, it was reported Miranda Kerr does not have a good relationship with her family. In a documentary, Kerr's family revealed Miranda shut them off from her life. They have not seen Flynn for almost a year since her marriage with actor Orlando Bloom went down the drain.

However, the model defended her family on the latter's decision to say "yes" to the controversial documentary. "It is what it is. I don't think there was any ill intention," she told Channel 7 during the interview.

Meanwhile, it seemed the Aussie stunner has no plans to plunge into another serious relationship. She claimed she is not yet ready for commitments. Miranda told Australia's Sunday Times Magazine, "I'm not looking for anything too serious or to be in a relationship. I'm not ready, I'd rather just go on a date here and there."

The 31-year-old model also clarified rumours she and billionaire James Packer were dating since her separation with Bloom. For once, she wanted to put all speculations to rest. She confirmed he is just a friend, saying, "He's been a friend for many years."

The model and her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, called it quits after 6 years of being together. But the two insisted their separation was amicable and was a mutual decision. The two filed for divorce which is expected to be finalised soon.

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