'The Originals' Spoilers: Klaus Asks Genevieve for a Favor, Watch Sneak Peek Video for Episode 21 Titled 'The Battle of New Orleans'

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Original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) will be facing an intense battle in the next episode of "The Originals." The sneak peek video released for Episode 21 titled "The Battle of New Orleans" teases about Klaus' alliance with Genevieve (Elyse Levesque).

In the brief preview video, Klaus asked Genevieve to do a favor for him and assured the red-haired witch that she will never fear again as long as the Original hybrid is on her side. Klaus' favor was not mentioned in the clip but it is most likely involving the safety of his unborn child.

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Will Genevieve help Klaus or not? The previous episodes showed that the Ancestors want Genevieve to kill Klaus' hybrid child so the witch will be having a dilemma on what to do in the upcoming episode.

"The emotional investment that Klaus has finally made in his child and the potential for the child to save him, to redeem Klaus is huge, so the witches, Genevieve, particularly, being a threat to his child is pretty worrying as well," British actor Joseph Morgan teased in the Entertainment Weekly report.

Aside from the unborn hybrid child, the 32-year-old actor further teased that the return of his vampire hunter father is another thing that Klaus is worried about since Mikael (Sebastian Roché) is the biggest threat in Klaus' existence. The ending in Episode 20 titled "A Closer Walk with Thee" revealed Mikael's determination to come back from the dead and asked the young witch Davina (Danielle Campbell) to help him.

Joseph Morgan also talked about Klaus' relationship with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) after the previous episode showed the characters' great father-and-son moments. When asked if Klaus will allow his feelings get in the way on the next episode's epic battle, Joseph Morgan teased that his character is likely to do very rash things that he will deeply regret afterwards.

The actor further added that Klaus may care deeply for Marcel as his adoptive son but his character definitely has the capability of doing something terrible. "We've seen how much of a monster he can be," the actor shared. Meanwhile, click HERE to see the photo stills from Episode 21 "The Battle of New Orleans."

"The Originals" Episode 21 "The Battle of New Orleans" is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, May 6, at 8 pm ET on the CW Network.

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