'The Originals' Spoilers: Elijah to Get Jealous with Hayley and New Character Jackson?

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In "The Originals" Episode 13 "Crescent City," new character Jackson (Nathan Parsons), the other man who has been protecting Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) was introduced. Elijah (Daniel Gillies), who also protects Hayley, may have saved Jackson from the burning plantation home but executive producer Julie Plec teased that the Original vampire will not be too pleased with Jackson's arrival in Hayley's life.

Executive producer Julie Plec teased in the E!Online TV Scoop report: "I don't think he's going to be very happy about it. Like I said, we've got another few episodes before we return to the werewolf world, but just this idea of her attention falling towards these people and her sense of family unity and family bond drawing her towards them and away from the Originals is a lot for Elijah to handle."

Ms Plec further added that if ever Elijah stands face to face with Jackson, the Original vampire may be wondering "Who's this guy? I'm not so sure I like this guy." It looks like Elijah will be jealous with the new man in Hayley's life especially after making the decision of saving her instead of his siblings from Celeste's wicked plan.

The executive producer teased that Elijah will be facing the consequences of his decision to save Hayley over his siblings Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan). "There's a guilt attached to that, there's a shame attached to that. There's a logic attached to it, of course-when in doubt, save the baby. But it definitely drives him very hard to rescue his siblings in the next episode  and to try and pull the family back together, even as it's under assault," explained Ms Plec.

Further igniting the budding love triangle in "The Originals" is Jackson's revelation about being betrothed to Hayley by their wolf parents when they were still kids. Julie Plec explained that Episode 13 had a Full Moon so it was the first look on the crescent wolves.

However, there won't be a Full Moon in a couple of episodes so seeing the crescent clan of werewolves will be put on hold. "With luck and schedules and all those things in our favor, we'll be able to have a nice good story with them," revealed Ms Plec.

"The Originals" is scheduled to return from another break due to the Olympics with Episode 14 titled "Long Way Back From Hell" on Tuesday night, February 25, at 8 pm ET on the CW Network.

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