‘The Originals’ Season 1, Episode 13 ‘Crescent City’ Recap/Spoilers: Witches Winning the War Against Vampires? Another Character Killed Off

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The resurrected witches are on the move with their revenge plan against the Mikaelson siblings. In "The Originals" episode 13 titled "Crescent City," Bastianna, Genevieve and Celeste are winning their war against Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus in getting back at the Original vampires as well as in dominating the French Quarter.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains major spoilers on "The Originals" episode 13 "Crescent City." As Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) give the crowd at the church a speech, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) notices a familiar face.

With Papa Tunde (Owiso Odera) gone, young witch Monique Deveraux (Yasmine Al Bustami) got resurrected from the dead. "Hello Monique, welcome back to the land of the living," Celeste (Shannon Kane) stated, making Sophie (Daniella Padilla) rush to the Lafayette Cemetery to see her niece back from the dead.

The Originals found out about Monique getting resurrected and Marcel's hopes shoot up about Davina (Danielle Campbell) also coming back if the powerful witch who took the teenage girl's place will be killed. However, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) informs the vampires that the witch will be none other than Celeste based on Davina's last drawings.

Rebekah (Claire Holt) is on her way to bring Hayley to the plantation to keep her safe, upon Elijah's (Daniel Gillies) request, but Marcel suddenly grabbed the blonde vampire to warn her about seeing Genevieve (Elyse Levesque), the resurrected witch who has an unfinished business with them and knows all of their secrets. Rebekah told Marcel to finish Genevieve like they did the last time.

Father Kieran appears at the bar to talk to Cami (Leah Pipes) with Genevieve nearby. Cami was initially hostile to her uncle but later on looked worried when the priest confessed about being in trouble. "What happened to your brother Shaun is about to start happening to me," Father Kieran revealed.

Cami begins to think of ways that can save her uncle making Genevieve cut in and tell her what to do. The red-haired witch revealed the weapon that Papa Tunde handed over to Celeste and told Cami that all she must to do to end it is to put the weapon in Klaus Mikaelson's (Joseph Morgan) heart.

However, Cami decided to give Klaus the weapon and side with the vampires in this war. Klaus tried to help in removing Bastianna's (Shannon Eubanks) hex on Father Kieran but when he failed, the Original hybrid decided to find the witch responsible and do what he does best and even took Monique as leverage.

At the plantation, Hayley finally meets the wolf that has been protecting her: Jackson. The pregnant werewolf also finds out about her family through Jackson.

Elijah finally faced Celeste in Sabine's body and the powerful witch revealed her revenge plan against Klaus. Unfortunately for Elijah, he has to choose between his siblings and Hayley.

Sabine, Genevieve and Bastianna perform a spell that trapped Hayley and her friend while Klaus got stabbed with the weapon by Sophie and wolves attacked Rebekah after getting tricked with the guy that she met at the plantation. Elijah's decision was to save Hayley so his siblings are now in the cruel hands of Celeste.

Bastianna warned that the witches of the French Quarter will rise again, and it looks like they are winning the war now. Sophie wants to run away and hide from fear that Klaus will get back at her, but Monique ended up killing Sophie because she does not want to leave.

The ending scene shows Monique walking away from Sophie's lifeless body with Bastianna, Genevieve and Celeste. "The Originals" will continue on Tuesday night, Feb 25, at 8 pm ET on the CW Network with episode 14 titled "Long Way Back From Hell."

The episode synopsis in the KSite TV report reads: "REBEKAH'S PAST CATCHES UP WITH HER - When Rebekah (Claire Holt) finds herself locked up in the sanatorium where she worked in 1919, she realizes a witch named Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) is back to seek revenge and to reveal dark secrets that would destroy Rebekah if exposed. A distraught Elijah (Daniel Gillies) turns to Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) for help when one of his decisions puts Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Rebekah's lives in danger. With time working against them, Marcel realizes he may hold valuable information that could lead them to Rebekah and Klaus, but revealing it will almost certainly result in deadly consequences."

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