The Originals Receives 2014 Emmy Awards Nomination, Executive Producer Julie Plec Congratulates CW Spinoff Series' Hair Department on Twitter

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The CW spinoff series "The Originals" recently received a nod of approval from the 2014 Emmy Awards. The nomination that the TV show got is not for British actor Joseph Morgan's performance as Original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson or the impressive visual effects but for the Outstanding Hairstyling for a Multi-Camera Series or Special.

The CW Network further confirmed the news on their official Tumblr site. "Congratulations to The Originals and The 100 on their 2014 Emmy Nominations!" the network's posted message read.

According to the Alloy Entertainment report, "The Originals" received the Emmy nomination for the hair department's work on Season 1, Episode 12 titled "Dance Back from the Grave." Fans can recall that the episode is filled with different fashion and hairstyles of the characters like Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in the flashback scenes to 1919 to reveal the story behind the resurrected witch Papa Tunde (Owiso Odera). 

Colleen Labaff, the Department Head Hairstylist, and Kimberly Spiteri, the Co-Department Head Hairstylist, got nominated for their hard work on "The Originals." The two members of the hair department will be competing against the hair stylists of other TV shows such as "Downton Abbey," "Games of Thrones," "Mad Men" and "Boardwalk Empire."

The news on the Emmy nomination reached executive producer Julie Plec. She expressed her happiness and congratulatory message to the nominees on Twitter.

The executive producer also joked about the Emmy nomination snub on "The Vampire Diaries" as a curse but she sounded really pleased that the work they have done in one of their supernatural TV series is finally getting noticed. "Well hot damn! Someone's magnificent little hair department broke the CW's Emmy nomination curse. Congrats Colleen and Kim! #TheOriginals," Plec posted on her Twitter account @julieplec on Thursday, July 10.

The winners of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced on Aug 25, 2014 at 5 pm PDT. The ceremony will be held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles and the prestigious awards show will air on NBC 8ET/5PT.

As for "The Originals," filming is currently underway for Season 2. The premiere episode of the brand new season is scheduled to air on Monday night, Oct 6, at 8 pm ET/PT on the CW Network.

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