'The Originals' Episode 16 'Farewell to Storyville' Recap/Spoilers: Goodbye to an Original Vampire

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The Klaus vs. Elijah and Rebekah story continues in "The Originals" Episode 16 titled "Farewell to Storyville." The Mikaelson siblings finally faced each other where each of them expressed what is going on in their minds over the issue of Rebekah's betrayal in 1919. Unfortunately, the confrontation resulted to an Original vampire leaving the CW spin-off series.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains major spoilers on "The Originals" Episode 16 titled "Farewell to Storyville." The episode begins with a flashback scene showing a young Klaus taking care of his baby sister Rebekah who got scared of the lightning and thunder from a storm.

Young Klaus even promised Rebekah that he will always be on her side no matter what but the flash-forward to the present time showed Klaus (Joseph Morgan) forgetting his promise with his desire to get even with Rebekah (Claire Holt) for her treachery.

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) talk over the phone with the Original vampire realizing how her life is in danger because she has never seen Klaus' madness like this before. "He's out of his mind with rage. He's going to kill me," Rebekah told Marcel.

Davina (Danielle Campbell), still shaken up after returning from the dead, told Marcel that she does not want to talk about what happened to her but Cami's (Leah Pipes) appearance made Davina recount how the Ancestors were angry at her when she was dead for misusing her power. Elijah (Daniel Gillies), who protects Rebekah from Klaus' rage, tries to stop his angry brother from killing their sister.

However, the Mikaelson brothers' conversation took a different turn when Elijah compared Klaus' behaviour similar to their vampire hunter father, Mikael (Sebastian Roché). Klaus responded that he is not like Mikael and reminded Elijah how cruel Mikael has been on him.

Then, Rebekah tried to make Klaus listen to her side of the story as to why she summoned Mikael. Her love for Marcel made her do it because Klaus would not let her have a happy relationship. "I was the one who brought him to New Orleans because of your wickedness," Rebekah told Klaus.

Klaus even accused that Marcel has manipulated Rebekah in bringing Mikael back. Rebekah defended Marcel and her outburst caused Klaus to attack her with the white oak stake but Elijah was quick to protect Rebekah and grab the weapon from Klaus' hands. "You won't listen to her, so now you must deal with me," Elijah told Klaus.

Rebekah and Marcel talk on the phone again and the blonde vampire stared to talk about death. "You know I've never much thought about dying. One of the perks of being immortal, I guess," Rebekah stated. The idea of her life ending in Klaus' hands made Rebekah tell Marcel to run away and never look back.

Elijah tried to convince Klaus again that he should not kill his sister Rebekah by recounting how she tried to kill their father Mikael in order to protect him. Klaus still refused to forgive Rebekah for what she did and his conversation with Elijah ended with the Original hybrid stabbing his brother with Papa Tunde's (Owiso Odera) blade.

"Now you know how it feels," Klaus said to Elijah who was screaming in pain. Rebekah shows up holding the white oak stake that Elijah threw away to tell Klaus that she will now decide who lives and who dies.

Marcel was forced to ask help from Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) in lowering Celeste's (Shannon Kane) boundary spell after hearing Davina and Cami's conversation with the young witch declaring she is having difficulty in trusting people again. Marcel offered the powerful witch a deal where vampires will stay out of the Cauldron and Genevieve agreed to help Marcel with the condition that he should hand over Davina Claire or he will be mourning over Rebekah if he failed to do so.

The time came for the Klaus-Rebekah face off. Klaus badgered Rebekah to make her declare that she summoned Mikael because she wanted Klaus dead. Rebekah may be holding the white oak steak but she started to get lost in thought from Klaus' badgering.

Rebekah's response that she maybe wanted Klaus dead stunned the Original hybrid so he stabbed Rebekah with the white oak stake. Luckily, Klaus missed her heart so Rebekah is still alive and the Mikaelson siblings had a more calm conversation afterwards.

Klaus asked what Rebekah wanted and she answered with having a home, a family and someone to love her. Klaus may not have fully forgiven Rebekah but he still granted her wish by letting her go to start afresh far away from New Orleans.

Rebekah said her heartbreaking goodbyes to the people she cares about like Elijah, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Marcel who decided to stay to regain the power in controlling New Orleans from the Mikaelson brothers. The ending scene showed Rebekah leaving New Orleans with a smile on her face.

The E!Online TV Scoop report confirms Claire Holt's regular appearance in "The Originals" Episode 16 is her last. The report reads: "Despite being one of the originals vampires, the blonde beauty will no longer be appearing as a regular in New Orleans-based series. Sources close to the series tell us that door 'definitely' remains open for the 25-year-old actress to reprise her immortal role as a guest star in the future. Holt could potentially return as early as this season, however, sources reveal that a season two appearance seems more likely."

"The Originals" returns with only Klaus and Elijah left in the TV series in Episode 17 titled "Moon Over Bourbon Street." The brand new episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, March 18, at 8 pm ET on the CW Network.

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