'The Originals' Couples: Conducted Poll Reveals Fans' Choice For Hayley, Is It Klaus or Elijah?

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Some fans of "The Originals" are rooting for the Elijah (Daniel Gillies)-Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) romance to happen even though the wolf girl is pregnant with Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) hybrid baby. However, a poll that E!Online conducted gave a different result.

Though Elijah and Hayley have been sharing sweet on-screen moments in "The Originals," majority of the fans gave their verdict that Hayley should end up with Klaus in the CW spin-off series.  The E! Online TV Scoop report revealed that one of the couples winning their "TV's Hottest Love Triangles Showdown" poll is Hayley and Klaus of "The Originals."

In the conducted poll, 54.75% fans voted for Hayley and Klaus to start their hybrid family while only 45.25% want the Elijah-Hayley romance to happen. The Wet Paint report claims when they asked Viggle users on who they want Hayley to end up with, majority were rooting for Hayley and Elijah due to their obvious chemistry and tender moments together including their almost-kiss scene in Episode 11 "Après Moi, Le Déluge."

As for E!Online's other TV couples winner in the poll, the results also included "Teen Wolf" pairing Allison and Scott with 51%, Emily and Jack of "Revenge" with 52.86%, Olivia and Fitz of "Scandal" with 56.17%, Mary and Bash of "Reign" with 60.54%, "Sleepy Hollow" characters Ichabod and Abbie with 64.52%, Damon and Elena of "The Vampire Diaries" with 64.97%, Emma and Captain Hook of "Once Upon a Time" with 70.12%, April and Jackson of "Grey's Anatomy" with 76.50%, Oliver and Felicity of "Arrow" with 76.55%, Veronica and Logan of "Veronica Mars" with 78.26% and Mindy and Danny of "The Mindy Project" with 78.55%.

"Thousands of you voted in our megapoll, which pitted fan favorite pairings against each other to settle once and for all which couple belongs together," the E!Online report reads. Meanwhile, actor Joseph Morgan, who portrays Original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, admitted in the CelebTV report that he is thankful for the success that "The Originals" achieved.

"The Originals" returns from a two-week break on Tuesday night, February 25, at 8 pm ET on the CW Network with Episode 14 titled "Long Way Back From Hell."   

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