The Originals: Actor Daniel Gillies Explains Why He is Not Excited For the Elijah-Hayley Romance to Happen

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Actor Daniel Gillies, who portrays "The Originals" vampire character Elijah Mikaelson, talks about the blossoming romantic relationship between his character and the pregnant wolf girl Hayey (Phoebe Tonkin) in the CW spin-off series. However, what the actor has to say will sting the fans who are rooting for the Elijah-Hayley romance to happen really soon.

In the Huff Post TV interview, Daniel Gillies thinks the "Forbidden Fruit" causes Elijah's obvious attraction to Hayley and the pairing is not a good match. "It's kind of gross if you think about it. Let's just take this intimacy to its natural conclusion. They have sex. What does that mean when your brother's child is within her? There's something obscene about it. But it's sort of wonderful in an independent film kind of way," the 37-year-old actor shared.

While viewers excitedly wait for the onscreen romance to happen, Mr Gillies admitted that he is not excited for the Elijah-Hayley relationship to push through since the love triangle angle will play out once again on the small screen comparable to the "Vampire Diaries." The actor explained in the Wet Paint report that some viewers who turned to watch "The Originals" wants to see something different without a love triangle happening between two brothers and a girl just like the Damon-Elena-Stefan story.  

Fans are looking forward to more Elijah-Hayley moments when "The Originals" return for the second-half episodes this January. Another intense and dramatic scene that fans look forward to watch is Original vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) finding out about the chemistry of his brother, Elijah, and Hayley, the wolf girl bearing his hybrid child.

"I think the people who turned to our show were really hoping and praying there wouldn't be a love triangle. Unfortunately, that's kind of the convention that's been thrown at them. That said, I know we're making the best of it that we possibly can. We just continue to see where it takes us," Daniel Gillies further commented.

"The Originals" is scheduled to resume airing the pilot season's second-half episodes starting on Tuesday night, January 14, at 8 p.m. ET with Episode 10 titled "The Casket Girls" on the CW network.

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