Orgasm Machine for Women Provides Climax at the Push of a Button (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

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A device that would make women achieve orgasm with the mere push of a button would soon become available in the market. The gadget uses electrodes that are attached to a woman's spine to trigger an orgasm using remote control.

However, doctors said the device - slightly smaller than a cigarette pack - is for females who could not achieve orgasm using other means such as sex with a partner or self stimulation.

North Carolina surgeon Stuart Meloy, who designed the device, accidentally discovered the impact of the electrodes when placed on the spine while performing a procedure on a female patient, Huffington Post reports. He is a surgeon at the Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem.

The response of the patient to the electrodes made the surgeon asked her what was happening, and she replied, "You're going to have to teach my husband to do that."

CBS Charlotte said clinical trials of the orgasm machine will begin in the later part of 2014.

Mr Meloy is hopeful the invention would help bring back the fire between old lovers.

"If you've got a couple who've been together for a while and it's just not happening any more, maybe they'll get through it a bit easier with this," New Scientist quoted the inventor.

But the procedure would involve surgery to implant the device, and the patient must be conscious for the surgeon to correctly pinpoint the right nerve to fit the electrodes. After the implant, a signal generator would be connected likely under the skin of the woman's buttocks.

There are actually orgasm machines on the market, but these are mostly mechanised dildos such as this one.

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