The Order 1886: No Multiplayer, Runs at 30 FPS, and Gets More Details About the Game

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After inFamous: Second Son, there's another PS4 exclusive that has fans raving about, and this is The Order: 1886.

Just recently, a string of new updates and information have been released about the title, starting with the fact that it will have no multiplayer support.

Citing a report with Ru Weerasuriya of Ready At Dawn, Behind Games reports that it was confirmed here that the game will have no support for multiplayer, as well as the fact that it might stick with a PS4 release. However, for those who are hoping that a PS3 version will also be available, the developer isn't closing its doors to the possibility.

This was further confirmed in a tweet by Andrea Pessino of Ready At Dawn, "Correct. No multiplayer, it is a single player, third person action adventure game."

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Running at 30fps and 1080p on the PS4

Aside from the lack of multiplayer mode, The Order: 1886 has also been confirmed to run on the PS4 at 30fps and 1080p. According to the developers, this makes sense because 60fps is targeted more for first-person shooter games, and The Order: 1886 is a third person action game, reports VG 24/7.

Another reason for this is that The Order: 1886 features some spectacular scenes that border on the cinematic and the elaborate, which is also the reason why the developers opted for 30fps instead.

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"For us, the cinematic experience is in the foreground-presented in full HD 1080p. In favor of spectacular effects and the highest resolution we restrict ourselves to a fluid 30 frames per second," said Weerasuriya in the interview quoted by VG 24/7.

This can be seen in the screenshots featured in Gamepur. What's more, a new trailer is expected to release sometime soon, which is reported to be one that will wow a lot of people when they see it. In fact, the cinematic appeal of The Order: 1886 is already exhibited in a previous trailer from back in E3 2013, which you can view again below.

Destructible environments, cover system detailed

Over at iGameResponsibly, the kind of destructibility of the environment was detailed by way of the cover system for The Order: 1886. According to the site, you have the cover system wherein it's not merely a shoot-anywhere kind of tactic, but rather you need to precision in order to destroy covers.

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The cover system has also discussed the possibility of destroying metal, which can actually give you new ways to navigate and get through the environment. And this can be done with a varied option for weapons, though no accessible in just one time.

Perhaps what the developer of The Order: 1886 was going for focused more on delivering a very realistic take on the environment. In an earlier report by Lazy Gamer way back. It seemed that Ready At Dawn has done their research to create an alternate London, capturing details that they could incorporate into the game-think of how Sucker Punch was able to recreate Seattle with its own inFamous twist, this time only in a Victorian London setting brimming with monsters.

Do you think The Order: 1886 may be the next game that will immerse gamers after they get over the high of inFamous: Second Son?

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