The Order: 1886 Gameplay Teaser Shows First Look at Guerilla Gun Fights From Upcoming PS4 Exclusive

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A lot of The Order: 1886 fans are excited for E3 2014, and their anticipation grows day by day as the game is likely to have a large existence at this year's event.

Those who are eagerly waiting for new information on the upcoming third-person shooter game should discover a lot to adore in the new The Order: 1886 gameplay trailer from Ready at Dawn. That said, it is quite impressive to see the different situations Ready at Dawn found to keep the game interesting as players do battle across the cobbled streets of London.

It is not clear why Sony has the need to preempt the company's own pre-E3 keynote address, which is widely expected to include at least a few minutes of gameplay from The Order: 1886. Although Friday's live stream only aired for three minutes and not particularly lengthy, it made fans eager for the upcoming The Order: 1886 release date.

Fans that have been eagerly waiting for the The Order: 1886, since it was unveiled with the PS4 last February, have undoubtedly seen some of the photos and gameplay teasers released by Ready at Dawn. Therefore, the fact that many of the game scenes were shoot in a fully-populated city is not exactly new anymore.

This week's teaser opened with Gallahad & Co. pinned down at the back of the supporting columns of an unknown building, exchanging gunfire with enemies who have crouched down inside of a nearby distillery. It's actually the opening scene from Chapter 3 of the game's campaign, called "Inequalities", and the situation gives Ready at Dawn chance to display The Order: 1886's lighting and cover systems.

Similar with the previous The Order: 1886 teasers, the game's protagonist is using M86/FL Thermite Rifle, and has the ability to make clouds of melting metal that prove quite capable of levelling the thermite-filled building where foes have taken refuge.

Unfortunately, neither Sony nor Ready at Dawn has archived this week's The Order: 1886 gameplay teaser yet, but that has not ended the teaser showing up on popular video-sharing Web sites. As of the moment, you can check Kotaku's archive of Friday's The Order: 1886 live stream.

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