‘Orange is the New Black’ Star Wants Divorce

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"Orange is the New Black" star, Pablo Schreiber, is seeking divorce from his wife, Jessica, a yoga instructor. The couple married in 2007. The actor wants a quick end to his marriage. Reportedly, Schreiber does not want to go through the intermediary step.

Jessica had filed for divorced before Christmas, 2013, according to TMZ. She had cited irreconcilable differences, and had asked for full custody of their two sons and spousal support

This divorce seems to be heading for an ugly custodial battle. In his divorce lawsuit, Schreiber had asked the judge to grant join custody of their sons. Also, he does not want to pay any spousal support.

In "Orange is the New Black," Schreiber plays George "Pornstache" Mendez, a dirty corrections officer at the Litchfield Penitentiary. He smuggles drugs into the prison. Talking about his character's role in the second season of "Orange is the New Black," the actor had said to Vulture that "they're definitely going to wrap my story line up. I just don't know how it's going to be wrapped up."

"Orange is the New Black" returns with a new season on June 06, 2014. Netflix will make available all the episodes of the second season on the same date. The new season will no longer focus on Piper Chapman, and every character's story will get equal importance. Since it will be ensemble, it can be expected that viewers will get to see more of Pornstache, his story, his affair with Daya, he dealing with Bennett, who is the father of Daya's child.

In the interview with Vulture, which was published in July, 2013, the actor had said that women are ruled by "insanity and emotion." However, he had denied picking on women, saying: "I'm not picking on them. But I am married, I do have a wife, I think I know them pretty intimately, and I think they are not ruled by logic and the sound, calm decision-making we as men are blessed with."

Schreiber may have more to say about women now. However, "Orange is the New Black" will remain "women-heavy" show and the new season is more richer and compelling than the previous season.  

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