‘Orange is the New Black’ Spoilers: Season 2 Features New Street-Smart Character and Piper, Larry Relationship Turmoil

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The Season 2 of Netflix original drama series, "Orange is the New Black," is set to deliver compelling and richer content compared to Season 1, as old characters will get more screen-time and new characters will arrive. Here is the latest update about the upcoming season.

Piper Chapman and Larry Bloom's relationship was one of the key story-lines of the last season. The new season will tackle the fall-out of this relationship. Larry will be seen battling conflicting thoughts. Jason Biggs, who plays Larry, said, as quoted by The Wrap, "When we left Larry and Piper in season one, their relationship was precarious at best, and for Larry, season 2 is pretty much spent trying to figure out if the damage that was done to the relationship is irreparable or if there's something that they can mend there. I think it's hard for him to just give up on it, so season two is spent with that sort of turmoil."

Brigg had earlier said to E! Online that Larry is becoming a "little greedy" and a "little questionable" in the new season, as he realises that more than being loyal to Chapman, he needs to be selfish and think about himself. He had also indicated that Larry will be taking advantage of Piper.

The promotional photos, released recently, featured Lorraine Toussaint as Vee. The actress has a recurring role in the second season. According to Deadline, Vee is street-smart and ran her own drug-business, recruiting children as couriers.

Talking about her character in the second season, Lorraine said that Jenji Kohan, creator of "Orange is the New Black," has written one of the complex, difficult roles she has played.

"I think it'll be interesting seeing how this character is received, because Jenji has written a character that plays and enjoys the game, and is incredibly engaging and draws people into her -- into the big game and has -- I have a great deal of fun," Lorraine said, as quoted by The Wrap.

Netflix is scheduled to release all the episodes of "Orange is the New Black" Season 2 on June 06, 2014. 

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