‘Orange is the New Black’ Spoilers Season 2: Alex Vause and Piper Chapman’s Toxic Relationship, Laura Prepon to Star in 4 Episodes

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Alex Vause and Piper Chapman's relationship was one of the major highlights of "Orange is the New Black" Season 1. At the end of season one, Piper leaves Alex and decides to stick with Larry. The upcoming season is unlikely to fix their relationship.

Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, the lesbian inmate and ex-lover of Piper, said to The Daily Beast, "... at the end of Season 1, Piper is totally messing with Alex again and leaves her again for Larry, and Alex is thinking, 'You know what? I can't handle your emotional rollercoaster anymore. It's bullsh*t.' She knows Piper better than Larry does and sees through all her machinations, so by the end of Season 1, she's over it."

Prepon said that in Season 2 of "Orange is the New Black," Alex and Piper's relationship continue to be toxic. The actress said, "With Season 2, when you have two people that love each other like they do, and it's so tumultuous, it will always be this awful back-and-forth. Everyone knows a couple like that in their life where they think, 'they shouldn't be together...this is toxic'."

In August 2013, Prepon hit the headlines when an online site reported that the actress might not be returning for season 2. Later, it was reported that she will return for just an episode to wrap-up Alex's story line. Jenji Kohan, creator of "Orange is the New Black," recently cleared all the rumours, saying that Prepon will star in most of season 2 but not in all the episodes. Prepon has said that she will be starring in four episodes of the new season.  

The actress revealed to The Daily Beast that she did not sign the Netflix's drama-comedy as a series regular and also she was under no contract.  As a result of that, the "scheduling conflict" came-up during Season 2.  

"But I love the show and I love my character, and I told Jenji from the get-go, 'I want to be in as many as I can.' So we did, and I'll be in four episodes for Season 2."

Prepon is keen on doing the Season 3 as a regular and she expects that there will be no issues.  "And then if we get a Season 3, I'll be in every episode. I totally missed the show. It sucks, but there's only one of me, and there's only so much time in the day. We did what we could, and if there's a Season 3, I worked it out so that wouldn't be an issue anymore," Prepon said.

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