‘Orange is the New Black’: Season 2 Spoilers Revealed [VIDEO]

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This Friday, it is "Orange is the New Black" Season 2 binge-watching time. Netflix releases all the thirteen, new episodes of its original dramedy series on June 06, 2014. The first episode opens some weeks after the brutal fight between Piper Chapman and Pennsatucky. Piper will be seen in a solitary confinement.

 Here are the top spoilers of the new season:

Pennsatucky survives Piper's aggressive attack. She is alive and she does not forget that it is Healy who allowed the fight to take place between her and Piper. "I think you'll see Piper, Pennsatucky and myself will be dealing with the aftermath of that event in different ways throughout the season," Michael Harney, who plays Healey, said to TV Guide.

Piper gets transported to a prison in Chicago, The Daily Beast reports. It is a brief stay to testify against the drug dealer who is responsible for the incarceration of Piper and Alex Vause.  

The episode 1 focuses on Alex Vause and Piper Chapmen. But, Vause is there for only four episodes, as she will be leaving Litchfield prison. Laura Prepon, the actress who plays Alex, is expected to return as series regular in Season 3.

Piper returns to Litchfield, with a new found reputation because of her brawl with Pennsatucky.  She has a new room-mate when she returns from Chicago.

Vee is introduced as the new inmate. Both Taystee and Red have some past links with Vee. Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, has been promoted as a series regular. She said to TV Guide: "[Vee's] definitely had a big part in Taystee's past life and is really having a huge impact in her life in prison now." Vee and Red have a history of rivalry, according to TV Guide report. The rivalry between the two continues in the prison and they form two groups. TV Guide reports that Vee takes Crazy eyes under her wings, but there are terms attached.

The first episode features flashbacks of Piper Chapman's past. "You see Piper as a daddy's girl, and some of her friends being naughty, but she's trying to be good," Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper, said to The Hollywood Reporter.

There are back-stories of how the inmates landed in the prison. 


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