‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 Spoilers: Piper Chapman Shifted to New Prison in Premiere Episode

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The premiere episode of "Orange is the New Black" Season 2 is set to pick-up a few weeks after Piper Chapman almost killed Pennsatucky by beating her up, ruthlessly. The new season premiere episode opens with Chapman in solitary confinement and guards waking her up. She is shifted to a new prison.

The Daily Beast's review of the premiere episode reveals that Chapman gets transferred to a prison in Chicago. It is a temporary arrangement. She has been taken to Chicago to testify against a drug lord. According to the review, this drug lord is the reason why Chapman and Alex Vause are behind bars.  

The premiere episode completely focuses on Piper and Alex and how their complicated relationship "leads Piper to embrace the more reckless side of her personality," Kevin Fallon writes in his review for the Daily Beast. "A series of flashbacks to Piper's childhood show that she was always diligent to avoid "unnecessary risk," but there's something about Alex, it becomes obvious, that convinces her to throw that lifelong caution to the wind."

As reported previously, the new season promises to tell the stories of other inmates locked-up in Litchfield prison, and not just focus on Chapman. However, the premiere episode does not give the impression of being ensemble, as it does not feature, "prominently," other inmates, according to the review.

"The episode ends with one of those big, heart-stopping, stress-inducing cliffhangers that mark one of the few occasions that the term "OMG" is actually an appropriate descriptor," says Fallon.  

The review reveals that Episode 2 of "Orange is the Black" Season 2 shows the inmates of Litchfield prison getting dressed-in business attires for a mock job fair, which has been organised inside the prison.

Pennsatucky is alive and the review says that she is a "transfixing blend of disturbing and adorable as she flaunts a bit of a cosmetic makeover." The review also talks about the introduction of Vee. She is a woman from Taystee's past and "shows up at Litchfield as the season's resident shit-stirrer," Fallon writes in his review.

Netflix will be making available all the episodes of Season 2 on June 06, 2014.

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