‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 Recap Episode 1: Alex Vause Betrays Piper Chapman

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The door of a solitary confinement opens and the guards enter and wake-up its occupant, Piper Chapman. She is ordered to get-up and get moving. Chapman keeps asking the guards where they are taking her. But, she does not get an answer. They put her in a bus and later she is put on a prisoner transport plane. Like Chapman, her co-passengers, too, have no clue where the plane is taking them. Chapman starts to believe that she is getting shifted because Pennsatucky is dead.  

The plane lands in Chicago and Chapman finds herself in a new prison, with a new group of unfriendly prison-mates.  As soon as she steps in her cell, Chapman gets in trouble with her cell-mates. Chapman's crime is that she stepped on their cigarette carrying cockroach and killed it. The new cell-mates want Chapman to find a similar cockroach and train it to transport cigarettes to prisoners in other cells.      

One of the cell-mates wants to know Chapman's birth-details -- date, place and time of birth -- to do her astrological charts. The woman is relentless in her pursuit to get Chapman's birth time. It is only when she gets on top of Chapman and licks her forehead that the latter obliges and blurts out her time of birth.  

Chapman makes a call to Larry, asking for his father's help to find out why she has been shifted to a prison in Chicago. Afterwards, during the prisoners' time out in the yard, she spots Alex Vause but the two do not get to talk. Chapman bribes a male prisoner -- giving him her panty that she has been wearing for four days -- so that he agrees to deliver her message to Vause.       

Finally when she gets to meet and have a talk with Vause, Chapman finds out that Pennsatucky is alive. She also gets to know that they are in Chicago to testify against Vause's ex-boss, the drug dealer who has recently been extradited from Europe. Vause asks Chapman to lie, as she is going to lie. Vause warns Chapman that the ex-boss is not going down and lying is the only option if they have to stay alive.  

Larry's father advises Chapman to tell the truth in the court. At the court, Chapman tells Vause that she will tell the truth. Vause is upset to know that and tells Chapman, "it's the only way I can keep you safe" and that it is hard to keep what's black-and-white with her.

On the stand, Chapman, however, feigns ignorance and keeps repeating "I don't recall" to all the questions related to the drug boss. She tells the court that she only knew Vause, calling her ex-girlfriend the love of her life, that too in front of Jerry's father.

Later, Jerry's father is furious at Chapman and tells her that he is done with her. "You live on this slippery slope, kid, and for some reason you can't seem to stop doing rain dances," he tells Chapman.  Chapman is likely to get more prison time for lying under oath.

Chapman remembers the time when she was with Vause in a swimming pool and the presence of the drug dealer boss at the side. In the present time, Vause comes and tells Chapman that she told the court the truth. Vause is not wearing her prison clothes, which hints at Vause getting out of the prison. At that moment, the only bright spot for Chapman is her seeing a cockroach, which is carrying a cigarette on its back.      

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