'Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 is Much Darker, Premiere Episode Title and Spoilers

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The premiere episode of "Orange is the New Black" Season 2 is titled "Looks Blue, Tastes Red." The new season of this drama-comedy shifts the focus from Piper Chapman and focuses on the stories of other Litchfield inmates, as well. However, the first episode is very much about Chapman and her on and off lesbian lover, Alex Vause.

The Episode 1 of "Orange is the New Black" Season 2 picks-up a few weeks after the aggressive attack in Season 1 finale. "Can't Fix Crazy," the final episode of "Orange is the New Black" Season 1, wrapped-up with Chapman brutally hitting Pennsatucky's face.

In "Looks Blue, Tastes Red," Chapman wakes-up in a cell meant for solitary confinement. It is her punishment. She seems to have kept herself occupied and amused by using her dinner to make mural on the wall. In the first episode, Chapman gets on a plane and is transported to a prison in Chicago. She is supposed to testify against a drug dealer who is responsible for sending both Chapman and Vause to prison.  According to Washington Post's review of new season, the new prison "makes Litchfield look like summer camp."

The first episode introduces a "whole new cast of inmates, a fleet of messenger cockroaches, and a leering male prisoner who, Piper thanks God, is only a hit man, not a rapist," according to Slate's review.

The new season is expected to be more wild and compelling than the last season. However, it is reported to be darker, too. "Orange Is the New Black's second season is much darker," said Gwendolyn Sanford, composer of the show, to The Hollywood Reporter. "The sound of the show is very cavernous."

Denver Post writes in its review that "Orange is the New Black" Season 2 is "indeed a darker, more probing exploration of incarcerated women, the prison system and society than the first season."

Netflix will make all the 13 episodes of Season 2 available for viewing on Friday, June 06, 2014.       

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