‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2: Fate of Two Couples and Who is Alive

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Netflix original drama-comedy, "Orange is the New Black," returns with 13 new episodes on June 06, 2014. The Season 2 promises to be more wild and sexy compared to Season 1. It is expected that the viewers will get to see new issues and conflict between the couples of this popular show.

Larry Bloom and Piper Chapman's relationship is expected to go through a tumultuous ride, as the two try to figure out if their relationship can be mended, or it has become irreparable. Jason Brigg, who plays Larry, had indicated in one of his interviews that his character will be becoming a little greedy and selfish. He will be seen trying to be less loyal to Piper and think more about himself. However, it looks like this relationship is still not over and Larry will continue to part of Piper's life, but things won't be the same again.

"It's really hard to move on when he wanted to be her rock, ostensibly, from the beginning ... and I don't think he realised just how much was going to be required in order for him to survive on the outside, and keep his own head above water. Season two, he makes some more decisions that will continue to affect their relationship in a very interesting way," Brigg said to The Hollywood Reporter [THR].

Meanwhile, the couple inside Litchfield prison, Dayanara and John Bennett, will go through their own share of troubling time because of Dayanara's pregnant status. Dascha Polanco, who plays Dayanara, said to THR that fans would be "super excited" to see the way the writers have put it [Dayanara's fate] together.

"There's definitely tension ... It's a stressful situation - you do get to see points of course of tenderness and love because there's a lot of that between them, but pregnancy is stressful period of time anyway, from my understanding of it, and being in prison and having to keep it under wraps doesn't make it any easier," Matt McGorry, who plays John Bennett, said to THR.

In the Season 1 finale, Pennsatucky was brutally beaten by Piper and there was much speculation about whether she is alive, or not.  Taryn Manning cleared all the doubts by saying to THR, "I'm alive." 

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